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Almost US $ 0,5 million in annual savings in operations, provokes the idea of ​​a maintenance supervisor at the Inés Collahuasi Minera.

"Almost US $ 0,5 million annual savings in operations, provokes the idea of ​​a maintenance supervisor of Minera Inés de Collahuasi "

A positive impact, both environmental and economic, is the idea generated by Senior Maintenance Supervisor Hugo Olivares B. with a scope that includes not only operations of the Minera Inés de Collahuasi, but also its Shell and Finning suppliers, generating In addition, collaboration between important companies and the possibility of expanding to other mining companies in Chile and the world.

The idea was collected in an internal innovation process carried out through the Nextinit platform of Innova360, called “C +: the social network of creativity”, an innovation program that has been in the Collahuasi Mine for 3 years with almost 2.000 users in the system and that it has had great successes at the corporate level, as in this case, which achieves more than US $ 0,5 million annual savings in the operations of the Minera.

This innovation consists in the “Increase TBO diesel engine oil Eq. CAT. " What does it say about "increase of maintenance interval hours of 250 hours normal range established by manufacturer to 500 Hours, using Shell Rimula R6 LM 10W40 synthetic oil, which will generate economic benefits both in maintenance costs and also improve the availability of the equipment fleet support for."

This initiative impacted on the Shell manufacturer, since it is an idea that has not been implemented in the mining sector, specifically in the Caterpillar machinery fleet, -administered by Finning-, Impact that led brand representatives to visit our Site in Rosario and highlight the innovation that comes with the enthusiasm of workers, driven to contribute to the development of our organization.

Eleazar Rosende, Representative of Shell Brasil and technical manager of the company ENEX Chile, proudly explained that “this project that we developed together with Collahuasi and Finning has been very successful because it means that we are at the forefront of product technology. We are working with the application of a 100% synthetic product, with an ENEX support that provides technical support, in order to improve the performance of the equipment, ”he said, adding that this is an idea that will be implemented in other mining operations.

Meanwhile Hugo Olivares, was satisfied with the results of this implementation, adding that “here we are making known the results we have obtained through an idea that was entered into the C + through a detailed planning work. This idea takes 2 months of execution and has given us very good results, now we are in a second stage of being able to achieve and optimize greater oil intervals with this product ”

This is an example that demonstrates the importance of carrying out innovation in large companies, which also achieves an impact through collaboration, thus benefiting its Stakeholders by helping them improve their value offer.

Mining in Chile is demonstrating in a disruptive way that innovation is the new way to continue growing and thus position the country as leaders of this industry.

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