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"When the time comes ... l̶e̶a̶d̶ embrace change"

When the time comes ...lead embrace change

Lately we have been convulsed by the breakdown of the system and in many cases some of the pillars that sustain our society. This entails a mourning, for the loss, the pain of what was left behind and mobilizes intrinsic changes in the way of seeing things. They are changes that convulse, disorient, shake, but then lead to a new reality ... and as in every crisis and law of chaos, then comes order. It is a sense of urgency and we face an imminent reality that catches us surprisingly, having not taken care of in advance and with a high view.

Time is valuable and what happens in our societies can be easily replicated in companies.

Is it really necessary to act in a “reactive” way and wait for the threats to be so imminent that they paralyze us, making hasty decisions and then repent of what was not done in advance and restraint? Where is the analytical thinking Who perceives, observes, listens and questions repeatedly, thus allowing us to perceive in advance the required changes or external trends that threaten our organizations?

We must be able to see beyond ... leaving behind biased and limiting, short-term and immediate benefits, in order to perceive that what is true, what endures, is constructed by having a broader vision of things, with a greater purpose. But this requires certain skills, such as the ability to analyze and listen permanently ... empathically

We are facing a great opportunity to reformulate and rethink how to re-build our organizations with a new look, changing paradigms. We can reshape the vision of the companies and the values ​​that sustain it, in order to co-exist with the environment, but this requires a new leadership style to drive it and know how to channel companies in this direction.

We require in our leading organizations that are willing to rethink what is established, that overcome fears, and are willing to leave behind the conventions of the structures that have led organizations not to be permeable enough to incorporate the necessary changes; new work cultures where the first thing is the ability to be permanently questioning the "status quo”And integrating, in the deepest sense of the word, the power to“ listen ”and see the signals: internal to the organization, external and individual.

Such leaders will require the ability to lead at a higher level of consciousness and collective consciousness. This is where the question arises as to whether we really have these leaders in our organizations or if there are the necessary structures to promote their development.

This should open a space to evaluate current hiring methods, in which these skills should prevail. critical thinking more than technical knowledge, experience more than studies, encourage meritocracy... celebrating it actively and openly, emphasizing the education of those who make up the organizations and creating the necessary spaces for creation so that they can germinate.

The road is always hard to get to the top and we know that the great ones, those who go far, it is not because they have inherited it in some way or another. Those who truly succeed are those in whom courage, tenacity, perseverance, discipline and passion to challenge and create prevail.

Let us value and promote those skills that will allow building the organizations and societies of tomorrow, open the space for re-creation, incorporating what has already been learned (validated learning) and let's not let fear stop us.

Laura Chicurel