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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Meet InnovaConnect:

The InnovaConnect Program is a network of people and companies that collaborate with each other, accessing the latest trends in innovation and obtaining business opportunities at the same time.

The program includes events, innovation services and also a digital platform that facilitates the meeting between the needs of corporations and start-ups and their solutions.

Depending on the type of membership, the program allows people to access innovation events, Startups find business opportunities and corporations solve internal problems through open innovation.

Meet below the different types of memberships:


The Explorer, Innovative and Transformer memberships are exclusive for people. InnovaConnect through disruptive instances and learning experiences, seeks the connection with knowledge that results in a real impact on people, organizations and society.


  • Access disruptive experiences and expand your knowledge
  • Learn about technologies and new trends
  • Expand your network of contacts and share experiences

Membership Details People

(1) Access all the events described according to the number of memberships acquired.

(2) The InnovaConnect Platform (App) is an application that allows people, startups and corporations to make themselves known, connected and collaborate.

(4) Includes: Workshops, Innovation tours, Consulting, Nextinit, Inovathon, Hackathon and Consulting.

The Yews

Be part of our technology showcase for large corporations

This membership is ideal for Startups as it allows you Show your value, Connect and Grow, thus generating links and business opportunities. If you are a Startup, you offer solutions with high potential in the field of technologies and you are looking to increase your sales, then this membership is perfect for your business.


¿Who can you apply?

Companies with technological solutions (B2B), with high growth potential and aimed at solving the needs of large companies.

Success story of CIAC Chile winners of the InnovaSummit challenge Minetech

The Yews

The membership value for Startups is $ 30.000 per month

* Subject to review and acceptance of the program and commercial conditions.


The InnovaConnect Membership Program for large companies allows them to: learn about the innovative Startup solutions of our network, access all our events and get discounts on services.


• Post challenges and get alternative solutions.

• Access our showcase of technologies for large corporations.

• Access all the events of the year and connect to another level.


Check the detail of values, packages according to number of collaborators and conditions of this membership below.

The Yews

Photos from previous events: