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Corporate Venture in Brazil

“Corporate Venture in Brazil”

As a way to continue bringing knowledge to the national market and boost the development of Corporate Venture in Chile, last month we participated in the great event of Corporate Venture of Brazil organized by our partners APEX Brazil.

At the same time, in 2 days of full immersion, we were part of an exhaustive program to learn how to realize an effective Corporate Venture Capital strategy led by “Global Corporate Venture”, other of our international partners in London.

In this we witnessed the great advances in this matter in the Brazilian market, with success stories of the largest companies and how they have been integrating the corporate venture and corporate venture capital within their strategies.

Jamie Riggs, Managing Director of Chile Global Ventures He was able to participate in a conversation panel. Panel: Adding Value to Agtech Entrepreneurs & Tech Trends, together with other local market players and thus share with an international perspective how to promote the development of Agtech in the region.

We hope to have more companies accompanying us to this type of international excursions and thus be able to incorporate best practices in their operations.